Wanderlust + Co is a jewelry label for dreamers and lovers. Founded from an idea in a bedroom in Melbourne, Australia, W+Co owner Jenn has been creating affordable, beautiful designs since 2010. The word wanderlust stands for the desire to continuously seek and grow. As a brand, they are constantly looking for beauty in things and believe that inspiration is everywhere if we open our hearts and minds. The #WCOgirlgang is fearless, loves life and embraces the future with a sense of wonder and excitement. Are you one of them?

The Jewel Fix ♥ Dali Hoop Earrings, Knot Bangle and Starry Skies Earrings.

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TJF: How did Wanderlust + Co come about?

JL: I have always loved fashion, and noticed a gap in the market for mid-priced, on-trend yet wearable fashion jewellery. Wanderlust + Co is a fashion jewellery label that delivers luxe, designer pieces at an affordable price point. We are inspired by the energy of today’s digital girl and how our global jet set customers and influencers interacts and styles with our pieces. The essence of the label is trendy yet wearable, and minimalist yet tells a narrative. As a brand, we stand for the idea of always seeking for the beauty in things. Inspiration is everywhere if we are open to it, wherever we may be.

TJF: How would you describe your customer?

JL: Our #WCOgirlgang is ever changing, confident and expressive - empowered by their surroundings and beautiful things. She lives in a digital world, is bold and unafraid. She embraces imperfections and celebrates life, mistakes and all, learning and taking risks every day.

TJF: What is the inspiration behind your designs?

JL: The energy and intention behind why we do what we do. Walt Disney famously once said that we make movies to make more movies. As a brand, we take great pride in delivering joy and positivity via our products and the shopping experience. The designs as well of course – we love coming up with designs that translate trends, yet are wearable and approachable for every day life.

TJF: Where do you find inspiration?

JL: For the most part, our #WCOgirlgang inspires us. From our customers, to editors, stylists, celebrities, fashion bloggers and digital content creators… so much of our R&D and design process is driven by our global digital customers and their jet set lifestyle. As a designer, I stand for the idea of always seeking for the beauty in things. Inspiration is everywhere if we are open to it, wherever we may be. It can be the shape of a leaf, the way light dances as the sun sets, the energy of urban life, or the shapes and silhouettes coming out of garment design - as that informs the accessories that would best accent those trends.

TJF: Does your collection reflect the latest trends?

JL: We live in a consumer driven world today – businesses and brands are paying a lot of attention to what customers want, and because people are so diverse, naturally the demand for varying trends are higher than ever. As a brand, we have a sensibility and aesthetic that is true to Wanderlust + Co – we love trends but also translating them into clean lines and wearable shapes. Earlier this year, we launched RAYS SS17 with a focus on geometric and circular shapes. For FW17, we are very much inspired by cosmic energy and all things constellation. For the holiday and Christmas season, you will see a lot of fluid organic shapes, translated into wearable, statement pieces, with an emphasis on earrings.

TJF: What are your favourite pieces?

JL: This is tough! But I have to say right now, it would be our necklaces from the Falling Star collection. I love all the zodiac pieces, the Supernova Necklace and all the layered crescent lariat necklaces.

TJF: How would you describe your personal style?

JL: My style sensibility revolves around things that are functional but a bit different, be it the fabric, cut or colour. I think we should dress for ourselves and how we feel on that day. I love layering colour and texture with jewellery – it’s the best way to complete even the most basic of outfits. 

TJF: Who’s your muse?

JL: Oh gosh, this is tough! I am a fangirl of so many! I love Oprah and Maya Angelou for their ability to keep things so simple and beautiful. I love Michelle Obama because she is able to stand for what she believes in and fight for all of that, whilst being a supportive half to her husband and family. I adore Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid for being fun, passionate and fearless in pursuit of what sets their souls on fire. Jennifer Lawrence I find so funny and witty. And then there are our customers – they are vocal and opinionated about what they love about our brand, as well as what they think could be better, and that feedback and openness is also admirable as it helps us grow! I could go on but I will stop at that.

TJF: Is there a quote or saying that you live by?

JL: Have a growth mindset and be fearless, not perfect.

TJF: What’s your favourite city in the world?

JL: New York

TJF: What’s your favourite flower?

JL: Hydrangeas

TJF: What’s the best part about your job? And the worst?

JL: It warms my heart when I hear feedback that Wanderlust + Co has a very global vibe and speaks to today’s digital girl and global audience. We live in a time where the internet has made retail borderless, and we should rise to the opportunity that the industry has presented to us by creating brands that speak to every girl. Raising our standards, expectations and quality of work as a whole can have a really healthy outcome.

As for the worst, fashion is a fickle industry. It makes it exciting but daunting at the same time. It is an incredibly competitive industry and you have to be committed, ready to run the hard and long yards. You need to be able to turn mistakes into lessons and learnings, and take wins and build more upon them. Then be ready to go to bed every night, and start again tomorrow without losing your sense of magic.

TJF: If you didn’t start Wanderlust + Co, what would you most likely be doing?

JL: It’s a toss between being in digital brand marketing or teaching.  I really enjoy sharing and watching things grow in general – it’s all very rewarding and empowering.