What currency are your prices in?

All pricing on our site is in Hong Kong dollars. However, USD can also be shown but only as a reference. 

What is the difference between gold-plated, gold-filled, and gold vermeil jewelry?

Gold-plated jewelry is jewelry with a base metal such as copper or brass that has a thin layer of gold applied to the top through an electro-chemical process. Gold vermeil (pronounced ver-may) is sterling silver that has been gold-plated. The main difference between gold vermeil and gold-plated is the base metal used. In gold vermeil, the base is sterling silver, whereas gold-plated and gold-filled jewelry are usually made of other base metals.  Gold-filled jewelry, unlike what its name suggests, is not actually filled with gold. It is made of a base metal covered by sheets of solid gold, wrapped under intense pressure. It has a much thicker layer of gold as it is required to contain a measurable amount of gold. Gold-filled jewelry therefore tends to be very durable and tarnish-free when well taken care of.

The item I want is sold out. Will it become available again?

As a lot of our items are limited, it does happen but we are always trying to replenish our stock. Please send us an email at hello@thejewelfix.com to let us know what it is that you want. We will be sure to put you on our waiting list and notify you if the item becomes available again.

What payment methods do you accept?

All payments are made via PayPal, which supports a large number of credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. You do not need a PayPal account to make purchases.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally but not everywhere in the world yet. To find out where we ship to, please click here. If your country is not shown, please email us at hello@thejewelfix.com and let us know where you would like to have the order shipped to. We will try our best to ship it to you.

Is tax included in my order?

No, your order is shipped with duties and taxes unpaid. You must pay for these charges in order for your package to clear customs. For more details, please refer to Shipping.

Does the shipping address have to be the same as the billing address?

No, they can be different. Just make sure you fill out the addresses correctly during check-out.

How do I know that my order has been processed?

Once your order has been successfully submitted, you will receive an Order Confirmation by email. If you do not receive one an hour after you made the purchase, please contact us at hello@thejewelfix.com.

I’ve changed my mind, can I cancel the order?

Once the order has been submitted, it cannot be cancelled. If you would like to make any changes to the order, please contact us at hello@thejewelfix.com as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Can I track my order?

Absolutely. We will send you a Shipping Confirmation email with a tracking number once your order has been shipped. If you have an account with us, you can also log into your account on our website to check the delivery status.

How should I care for my jewels?

With love! Fashion jewelry doesn’t go well with beauty products such as perfume, makeup, lotion, sunscreen, hairspray, and deodorant so avoid contact whenever possible. That means putting on your jewelry last, and removing them before you shower, bathe or swim. Unlike fine jewelry, fashion jewelry isn’t meant to be worn every day (even though we know you’d like to), so store them separately in their pouches or boxes when you’re not wearing them. To clean your jewelry, simply wipe with a soft damp cloth and mild soap and never, ever use jewelry cleaner or strong detergents.

I’m not happy with the purchase, can I get a refund?

We want you to love your purchase as much as we do, if for whatever reason that is not the case, please send it back to us. We will issue you a credit code that you can use for up to 180 days. For details, please refer to our Return & Exchange Policy

My order arrived damaged, what should I do?

Oh no! We are so sorry about that. Please let us know at hello@thejewelfix.com and we will get you sorted right away.