Lover's Tempo is a contemporary women's jewelry brand designed in Vancouver, Canada. With a background in Art History, designer and founder Elaine Kim designs each piece of jewelry to represent the perfect balance of clean lines, a sophisticated colour palette, textures and composition with the right amount of delicate detailing. There is always a hint of romance added to these effortless, everyday pieces. 

The Jewel Fix  Rococo Drop Earrings, Illume Fringe Earrings and Confetti Triangle Earrings.

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TJF: How did Lover’s Tempo come about? 

EK: I started Lover’s Tempo in 2008.  Before that I was sourcing textiles and trim for a local fashion designer.  I was always on the hunt for unique prints, special buttons, sequins and lace.  During this time, I wanted a creative outlet for myself.  I began experimenting with jewelry and loved applying my creative aesthetic to something you could easily wear.

 TJF: How would you describe your customer?

EK: Our customer is curious, quietly confident and effortless with her style.  She’s aware of current trends but doesn’t like to be too obvious in adopting them.  She’s sophisticated but a bit undone.  She’s elegantly casual and likes to add an element of the unexpected to her look.

TJF: What is the inspiration behind your designs? 

EK: I'm inspired by great design in all disciplines. I look at architecture, graphic design, ceramics, interior design, textile design...the list could go on! I like to find clean lines, balanced compositions and sophisticated colour palettes in all disciplines of design.

TJF: Does your collection reflect the latest trends?

EK: Our collection always nods to the latest trends but we like to put our own unique spin on them.  We’re also always looking for ways to stand out just enough but not be too obvious.

TJF: What are your favourite pieces?

EK: I love the Illume Fringe Earrings, the Countdown Drops and the Studio Tassel Earrings.  I’m an earring girl and I like pieces that have a bit of a boho vibe.

TJF: How would you describe your personal style?

EK: City casual, a little bit boyish with a hint of boho

TJF: Who’s your muse?

EK: I’m in love with the work of Stella Maria Baer.  Her work is so dreamy.

TJF: Is there a quote or saying that you live by?

EK: Be kind

TJF: What’s your favourite city in the world?

EK: Vancouver!  I travel A LOT for work so I love being home. 

TJF: What’s your favourite flower?

EK: Dahlias!

TJF: What’s the best part about being a designer? And the worst?

EK: The best part is being able to live out your creative vision!  The worst part is having to reel them in a bit to make things a bit more cohesive!

TJF: If you weren’t a jewelry designer, what would you most likely be?

EK: I'd be a painter.  I studied fine art and I used to paint a lot.  I'd love to make huge paintings!